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Will Roberts Magician, The Honest Huckster.

Will Roberts Magician,  The Honest Huckster. This 20-30-45 minute show will leave you mystified, codified, justified and fit to be tied! Magic, skills of the wild west, humor! Plus, you might even be cure of what ails you! Whether it’s your gut, your mut, a bad drive or a crooked putt, this show can heal you and certainly appeal to you! enter into Will’s domain and see if you don’t leave changed.

Will is a magician and performer of 38 years. Here are “Some” of the skills Will Roberts can bring to your event.

Magician ( close up & Platform)
Balloon Artist
World record: Trick Roper, Gun Spinner, Whips,
Former Cirque du Soleil act in Las Vegas
Member of the Magic Castle
Showman of the year – WWAPAS

All in a very classy AUTHENTIC turn of the century to 30’s or 40’s style.

Too many magicians just do trick and have no flair and performance skills, NOT Will Roberts! whether strolling or stage show Will’s act is highly interactive, funny and entertaining.


20-30-45 minute show
Strolling walk around magic
Strolling Trick Roping
Strolling Gun spinning
Strolling Balloon art

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Will is an exceptionally talented and experienced artist. He always impresses me by the quality of his work and by his unique presence on stage . . . I would absolutely like to have the pleasure to work again with him on another project.” Pierre Parisien, Cirque du Soleil Senior Artistic Director

“Will Roberts uses a combination of wit and wisdom to bring a fresh perspective” Rob McClendon, Oklahoma Horizon TV

Will Roberts has retained the wit, country mannerisms, and skill of the great humorist and trick roper Will Rogers, both on stage and in his writings.” Doris Coke Lane Meyer, Grand-Niece of Will Rogers

“With Will Roberts, you get the full package & he has his own unique talents, dynamic stage presents, creative and always on target” -Greg Rogers, Editor magazine

“In a world where common sense is not so common anymore, Will Roberts creatively crafts commentary in a conscientious common sense capturing style and he id darn funny” -Judith Piazza, Editor Student Operated Press

“Words escape us telling you how much we enjoyed and appreciated the few days you spent with us. . . . Suffice it to say we will “bust our buckles” to find a way to bring you back!” Jim Johnson, President, Dodge City Trail of Fame, Inc.

“Mr. Roberts set the pace for the evening and maintained a fun atmosphere for all to enjoy. His delightful performance equates to a high recommendation. WE CERTAINLY MET A MAN WE LIKED!” Peggy Ables, Executive Director, High Plains Western Heritage Center

“Will, you were fantastic! … Your wit and humor made it so much fun and thanks again for interacting with the crowd…. Boeing

“Will, we thought your speech & entertainment was exciting, funny and had great audience interaction. … your wit and humor is a must see as you kept us all on our toes!”

George Ratermann – Ratermann Manufacturing

“After speaking with Will on several occasions to communicate our “vision” for the closing act, I was blown away at his performance. He “nailed it”. Will far exceeded my expectations and was one the of best speakers/entertainers we have had in many years. I highly recommend Will!”

Craig Rader – County Purchasing Agent -County of Sacramento

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